develop your holistic and spiritual skills

Holistic Training and Events

Discover your Spiritual Path the Shamanic Way - 6 Week Evening Course

If you are interested in developing techniques to assist your spiritual path and you have a love for nature then this is for you.

Using shamanic techniques that enable you to develop your spiritual connection, discover your inner resources and gain ‘’tools’ to help you with your life.  

The course will take place mostly out in nature in the New Forest, with a couple of the sessions indoors.

  • Learn how to tune into nature and let it be your guide.

  • The art of grokking (shape-changing) and walking with dryads.

  • Learn how to develop your spiritual insights and intuition.

  • Learn about the metaphysical structure of life.

  • Tuning into signs and omens.

  • Creating rituals for safe spiritual exploration.


Various locations in the New Forest around the Lyndhurst/Lymington/Minstead area.  Indoor sessions at St Marks Village Hall in Pennington, Lymington.

Dates:  Thursdays:

27th June (indoors), 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th July and 1st August (indoors)

Time:   7pm to 8.30pm (ish)

Cost:  £99 (which works out at £16.50 per session).

Pause Connect and Heal

Wellbeing Retreats, Workshops And Events In Hampshire

Join Polarity Therapy Teacher and Shamanic Healer Jane Deacon and Naturopathic Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor Rhi Hepple, at our Wellbeing Retreats in Hampshire, to explore the various ways to heal yourself naturally.  
Up and coming workshops:

Pause – Getting to the Root Cause of your Auto Immune Disease date to be confirmed in the Autumn.

Watch this space for the launch of our Getting to the Root Cause of Auto Immunity Disease. Coming early Summer 2024!

Email us on: to register your interest.

Polarity Therapy Fast Track Intensive One to One Training

Learn to be a Holistic therapist through the art of Polarity Therapy.

  • Are you seeking a more multi-levelled approach to your therapy practice?
  • Are you a natural healer but feel like you need more structure to what you do?
  • Do you want to give more to your clients to help them transform their health and wellbeing, but feel like there is something missing in your knowledge or skill?
  • Are you looking for inspiration and seeking a new pathway in your personal and spiritual development?

Polarity Therapy is truly holistic therapy. It is unique in its approach as it blends the skills of body therapy, talking therapy, nutritional guidance, and movement therapy.

  • Polarity Therapy energy theory
  • How to recognise stuck energy and how it restricts the body.
  • How restricted energy is created and why it causes health problems.
  • How to employ different modes of touch and techniques to elicit a release of physical pain.
  • How to recognise that thoughts and attitudes play a big part in the health of a person.
  • How you interact with a client to bring about change in a person’s thinking and emotional state.
  • How to shift stuck energy through movement and instantly change how a person feels.

The Issues are in the Tissues!  Anthony Deavin 

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive natural therapy treatment system working on the body-mind intelligence connection.  It deals with old negative conditioning present in a persons beliefs and behaviours, but through the intelligence of the body.  With this in mind a more tailored approach to training is available for therapists with prior qualifications, such as reflexology, nutrition, psychotherapy, yoga teacher, Reiki therapist, and healers.

Learning Polarity couldn’t be easier, contact Jane to discover if this is for you.

Guided Meditation and Spiritual Development

The benefits of Meditation and spiritual development are:

Meditation with Jane Deacon

Guided Meditation Class

Learn how to calm your mind and feel more relaxed through a guided meditation.

This class is for anyone who is interested in understanding spiritual wellbeing and the mystical forces of life and learn practical meditation techniques.  This is ideal for those that have meditated before.

Weekly on a Monday 4.00pm – 4.45pm

St Marks Church Community Hall, Pennington,  Lymington SO41 8EJ

£15 per class (advanced booking only)

Shamanic journey circle with Jane Deacon from Hina Light therapies

Advanced booking only and spaces are limited, so please book early.

£18 per session

(not refundable, but transferable)

One class a month

10am – 11.15 am at

Emery Down Village Hall,

Emery Down, Lyndhurst

SO43 7EB

Shamanic Journey Circle

What is a shamanic journey?

In order to bring about balance between the physical and spiritual worlds a shamanic journey is a method to access these other worlds.  You may ask, why would I want to do that!

Well, it is a way of finding answers, information, guidance, healing and wisdom, to help with one’s life. It is a method to connect with and gain access to inner guidance from helping spiritual sources, such as power animals, ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, spirit guides and angels.

Plus, it offers a safe space for healing through the vibrations of the drum.

How Does It Work?

A  shamanic world is made up of 3 aspects contained within a metaphysical world tree. This tree, such as an Oak or Yew tree is a symbol of courage, power and strength and from a shamanic aspect it contains the lower world, middle world and upper world.  None of these ‘worlds’ are above the other, they are equal in power.

When you gain access to one of these worlds, you receive inner guidance and wisdom that would not normally be accessed during your conscious waking state.

You are guided to one of the worlds by visualisation techniques and a shamanic drum beat. It is the drum beat that enables you to connect with the Alpha (relaxed, meditative) and sometimes Delta (sleep, restoration) brain state to help you access one of these worlds. Once you access this metaphysical world you are able to find the answers you need according to the intention that is set.

So, if you are feeling confused about a situation, need direction on a next step or need help in seeking your purpose, then regular journeying maybe your thing.  Shamanic journeying develops your spiritual connections and higher source of wisdom.