Polarity therapy for mind and body in Hampshire

Polarity Therapy

Sessions take place in Minstead, Hampshire, UK

Holistic Therapy is a Natural Way to Achieve Health & Wellbeing

Polarity Therapy is a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies, that aims to bring your mind, body and soul connected as one.

Polarity therapy is a natural healing method that taps into the mind body connection to:

  • Relieve stress and tension to feel more relaxed.
  • Relieve chronic pain to restore a feeling of vitality.
  • Transform anxiety, fear, grief and anger to a sense of inner peace and confidence.
  • Safely release deep routed trauma such as PTSD to feel in control of life.
  • Free up toxic energy in the pelvic organs and balance your hormones to restore creativity and fertility.
  • Feel released from a sense of being stuck, in chaos or lost in life.
  • Find renewed energy when you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.
  • Clear personal issues and learn strategies to navigate better relationships.
  • Find clear direction and motivation to live the life that you want.
  • Learn how to express your deepest needs to restore a sense of inner power and vitality.
  • Release excess emotional baggage that has built up over years, to feel free and empowered.

How many holistic therapy sessions do I need?

I recommend four holistic therapy sessions to see results.  Typically, after a session, clients tell me they feel uplifted, symptoms of stress are relieved, and pain is reduced.  This shows that future sessions ensure that you will keep feeling the benefits.

After the recommended four sessions, further treatments are discussed thereafter.

However, a one off session is also transformational to get you feeling relaxed and in control.

What should I expect at my holistic therapy appointment?

A typical face-to-face session includes time and space to express your thoughts, feelings and discuss physical pain or illness. Followed by a hands-on therapy treatment that will be uniquely adapted to meet your specific needs.

Treatments are performed clothed, however, you may undress if it feels more comfortable, with your modesty in mind at all times.

Face-to-face holistic therapy appointments are available in Lymington or Minstead in Hampshire, UK.

If you are unable to meet me in person I offer Online Holistic Therapy via Zoom.

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What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy treats the whole person not just the symptom, which means results are longer lasting.  Jane draws on all her experience and skills; which includes a system called polarity therapy.  Here she explains more on how working with the polarities of life can affect true transformation.

In essence, we live in a world of polar opposites.  So, it is only natural that this magnetic force will also affect the energy that underlies our body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

The principle of polarity treatments activate stuck energy because when polarities are activated a true sense of balance can be achieved giving a truly holistic result.  Transforming energy this way helps you to find your true dynamic balance.  This means that you can achieve emotional and physical health, mental clarity, and a true connection to your purpose in life.

The best way to describe this holistic therapy using the principle of polarity is as a physical, mental and emotional development programme.  Positive and negative energies (our ‘polar’ opposites) are activated, to release pain in your bodies, become stress-free and achieve a balance of energy within you.

Through that process and by shifting your energies and changing your perspectives – that is where the magic happens, and you regain control and confidence in yourself and your life.

With our lives so full and priorities so scattered, it is difficult to find time for ourselves and ensure we are living and working well. When our energies are blocked and drained this is when we can lose control of ourselves.  The pressure builds and then emotional (and physical) strain can take over.

Through this holistic approach Jane can help you manage the noise and achieve the calm you need.  This allows you to nurture yourself and be in balance and harmony of you and your world around you.  So much of our physical pain is associated with our emotional wellbeing (and vice versa).  During these holistic therapy treatments Jane’s aim is to address both and give you the tools to get yourself instantly feeling better.  

Therapy for mind and body

Through one-to-one polarity therapy sessions we cover the following four steps:


By clearing elements of your past that no longer support or enhance you, your mind and body are ready to embrace a new way of living by leaving the negative behind.


With your mind and body free, now we can discover who you really are.


Now you know who you are, it is time to align your life with that true essence.


The challenge now comes in walking in the world of your power and expressing yourself as your true self. I will be with you every step of the way with continued mentoring support. Ongoing coaching or one-off sessions will help keep you on track.