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The Power of Distant Energy Healing and How it Works

The Power of Distant and Remote Healing and How it Works

Distant or remote healing is a way of directing healing energy to a person who cannot attend a session in person. The power of distant energy healing works off similar principles to the way that we connect through our cell phones and other wireless devices.  A signal is transmitted wirelessly through the etheric energy fields to connect to another source of energy – the person receiving healing. Here I explain how this works.

Distant Energy Healing Works through Energy Fields and is Powerful

Energy is composed of ‘matter’ and this ‘matter’ is intelligent. This intelligent energy organises itself into patterns, some of which cannot always be explained by science.  But it is a fact that we are made up of energy patterns.  The matrix of our physical body, our thoughts and emotions are patterns of energy, formed by opposing forces.  So, you could say that we are human magnets.

Everything is connected energetically.  We may not resonate with everyone in the world, because we don’t all operate on the same frequency.  Which is why some people you instantly connect and others not. But, at the very core of each of us is the same ‘stuff’, we just resonating differently.

A Thought and the Spoken Word Behave Like a Magnet

Words and thoughts act like signals and transmit a frequency out into the ether. Distant healing works because the client and healer are connected through this magnetic energy matrix.  When intention is set the connection is made. 

Time and time again, I see that when a person is asking for help, the right person, with the right kind of energy will be presented.  For this article I am focussed on how energy healing works.   But generally speaking, thoughts and words can attract to you both negative and positive experiences.  Negative experiences give you an opportunity for you to heal.  

How We Are All Connected

The internet is a man-made world wide web that enables us to communicate with lightning speed. Nature has its own worldwide web in shamanic terms is called the wryd (web of weird).  In can also be known as the auric energy fields or fields of intelligent energy to name but a few.  It is the web of the wyrd that connects all our energy.

When we have a thought, it is like we are whispering to the wryd which vibrates the energy web. The words that we speak out loud have an equal impact on the web of the wyrd.  Even if you are on the other side of the world thoughts and words will have an impact on a person that is receiving it. 

The Difference Between Distant Healing and Remote Healing

Simply put distant healing is performed with the person receiving the healing who is connected either by phone or via the internet.  You can hear or see and speak with the person directly. Remote healing is performed without the person receiving the healing being present, so there is no interaction. Remote healing is excellent for children and for people who are unable to have access to the internet.

When I perform energy healing whether that is distant or remote or in person, I am tuned into the wyrd.  When I connect with a client, I am connecting into the clients energy field.  

I use various tools to affect the vibration of the web and direct healing energy to the source of the problem.  Including using specific words and statements that resonate deeply with the underlying cause of a clients issue. 

When the intention for healing is set it is always for the best outcome for the client and as we say in the business, ‘according to divine will’.

When a client has had an issue/problem for a while, several sessions will be required.  It is like unpeeling an onion, each session removes negative vibrations of energy and builds on the previous  meeting to get to the root cause. 

Once the deep routed energy has been cleared, new positive patterns of energy can be created without hindrance from old negative vibrations.  New behaviours and attitudes can be created to manifest a healthier, happier life.

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What are the Benefits of Distant and Remote Healing?

  • You can receive it anywhere or in the comfort of your own home.
  • Distant healing means you do not have to spend time travelling for an ‘in-person’ appointment.
  • If mobility is a challenge, you do not have to travel to receive healing, it comes to you.
  • It requires virtually no effort from you, so long as your intention is clear and there is a willingness to receive.
  • Remote healing can be a practical solution for children who might not be able to sit or lie still during an ‘in-person’ session.
  • Remote healing can also be sent to situations.
  • Remote healing can help to clear buildings and places.

What do I have to do to receive Distant or Remote Healing?

Permission is always the best practice. This means I need permission to give healing, especially if you are booking on behalf of someone else – get their consent first.  This is because the person receiving healing may experience the effects of a healing session and they need to be made aware. But also, they may not want to be healed! 

Once the online booking has been made, this opens up the energy and starts the connection between us.  You will need to book a specific time in my diary, as that time is dedicated to the person receiving the healing.

I ask for information on your issue on the booking form prior to the appointment, so I know what your focus is.  If you are not sure then a general overall about your health, relationships and life is helpful, or you may have one specific issue to deal with.  All information given is treated with the utmost confidentiality and your information is not share with anyone.  After the session, I will send a report that covers an overview of the session and what was found.

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Would You Like My Help to Bring Back Balance and Harmony to Your Life?

In my work as an energy healer, I help a person restore fragmented parts of themselves to restore health and happiness.  This means that if you choose to work with me, together we will look for the energetic root cause of your problems in health, life, or relationship challenges.

For a more spiritual approach, I bring in Shamanic Healing to clear deep-rooted emotional blocks and Polarity Therapy which includes holistic counselling, movement therapy, and nutritional guidance.

If you work with me online, I combine energy healing, and other skills to get you clear about your path and re-energised about your future.

Words from Jane

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 24 years experience in polarity therapy and shamanic healing I enable a person back to health and happiness. Tailoring sessions to the needs of my client. Whether that be talking through your problem, activating energy within your body to release pain, tension, and emotions, using sound vibration to clear stagnant energy, journeying, and soul retrieval to delve deep and clear past patterns.

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