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The Four Phases of Successful Manifesting

There are many ways to manifest your way of life; ritual, affirmations, positive thinking, journal writing, creating vision boards and goal setting to name but a few.  All are valid but require four energetic phases for successful manifestation successful.

Here I offer and different perspective on the art of manifestation and how a person can get stuck in any of the four energetic phases preventing true change.  But before I go into the four phases there are other aspects that are required for successful manifestation.

Intention, Needs vs Wants and your Bigger Purpose

One of the most important rules for manifesting magically is a clear intention. Your intention is best served based on a true need, not a want. Loosely speaking, what I mean is that an idea is based on something you want, such as ‘I want to win a million pounds’ just because you like the idea of winning that amount of money. This is different from a true need.

A true need may be something like, ‘I need £20,000 to buy a car so that I can take my kids to school’ (because there is no public transport where they live’ for example).

The first stage, therefore, is all about the mind and, working out your true need.

Manifesting magically for success also involves timing.  There are spiritual forces at work beyond our consciousness that are working towards your highest self (if that is what you believe) and assisting towards aligning you with your soul purpose.

So, your true need is enabling access to your higher spiritual purpose.

In the spiritual realm, timing is not linear, it is sacred time.  When manifesting based on a true need it is important not to expect the timing to be the same as earth time.

Let’s move into the four phases of magical manifesting for success and the mind is where it all starts.

One: Thoughts and Ideas – Thinking Phase

Thinking is the first stage of spiritual manifesting, nothing happens without an idea or thought.

Many people in our society overthink.  We are taught from an early age to use our thinking brain, to analyse and achieve academically. However, there are people who are more practical, emotional, or visceral rather than thinkers.  Essentially everyone is capable of thinking.

Too much thinking can lead to feeling chaos and spacy and this can be really unsettling. Frustration can often set in as you are stuck in a train of thoughts and going nowhere.

Worry and anxiety can set in as thoughts can take a negative turn.

Self-doubt and lack of confidence may also result as you can’t seem to get out of your head.

You go around in circles and feel ungrounded.

Some people seem to have an abundance of great ideas but have no idea how to take the next step to make these ideas real.

If you are stuck in your thinking phase you may find that you simply cannot commit to making up your mind.  So, you flit from one thought or idea to another.

In this case, you may find the inability to commit just in case your next idea could potentially be better. And so, the spiral of thoughts continues, going nowhere.  Being paralysed by what’s going on in your mind, stuck in your thoughts can feel a desperate place to be.

If you suffer from headaches, migraines, spots, or other problems in the head area, as a therapist I would look at how balanced your thought processes are and where this mental energy is stuck in your body.

Are you Stuck in Your Thoughts?

Do you get stuck in repetitive thoughts?

Do you spend most of your time thinking?

Do you spend a lot of time analysing self and others?

Are you unable to take the next step and get going?

Two: Movement – Get-Up-and-Go Phase

If you are stuck in your thoughts, you will find it difficult to move and get-up-and-go to do something about those thoughts.  The get-up-and-go phase is the ability to act from your thoughts. To literally take an idea and then get-up-and-go to put it into action. It is about moving that idea toward doing something about it.

Energetically it is a person’s ability or lack of ability to make changes in their life, such as career, relationships, or lifestyle.

It is the movement towards doing something about a thought (the key word here is movement).

Having said that, something that happens naturally out of instinct will be a need to move to survive.

Fight or flight for example is an instinct that in most cases will override your ability to move.

Many people get stuck in the fight-or-flight instinct and are on alert most of the time.  This is a form of being stuck in the get-up-and-go phase.

The instincts keep you frozen in a perpetual activated stage (PTSD for example).

Thoughts are what we call ‘airy’ in nature, like the wind, thoughts have no grounding until there is movement into action.

To move effectively, a person needs to be grounded. When I see clients who are stuck in this principle, they find it difficult to make changes in their life.

They feel frustrated because they can’t seem to move from their position in life.

They feel stuck because they know what they need to do but can’t quite grab this need to make it work.

One of the ways out of this phase moving is by activating the mind’s energy through the body.  When I work on the body, the effect is grounding for the client. This means that when a person experiences feeling grounded, the idea then is able to move toward action. They no longer feel stuck.

When I work with a client who is stuck in their get-up-and-go phase I invariably discover that they find it challenging to ground into their bodies, to feel a stable base or a centre of gravity. They are operating life from their mind.

Often problems in the pelvis, legs, and feet are presented.  It is these areas that hold the energy relating to a person’s ability to move.

Are you stuck in Get Up and Go Principle?

Do you find it difficult to make changes in your position in life?

Do you feel unstable or lack strength to do something about your life?

Do you have problems in your lower body?

Do you feel ungrounded?

Three: Action – The Doing Phase

Now that you have moved the thought into a need to get up-and-go-and-do,  and getting things ready, you are now into the realm of motivation and acting.

The doing phase is the ability to take the momentum of thought into action.  In other words, grounding the thought into being.

The thought then becomes a movement towards grounding that thought into a form.  This is the process of doing it.

This part requires motivation, energy, commitment, and effort.  This phase of manifestation is the ability to do things to see your actions to completion. Motivation plays a big part here as the ability to use energy effectively and efficiently can make or break a person’s capacity to succeed.

Physically the energy behind this phase relates to the neck, shoulders, arms, and mid to upper back.  Often problems in this area of the body are presented when a person is stuck in the doing principle and not able to complete this phase of manifesting to reach the next phase of being.

Are you stuck in the Doing Phase?

How well do you get things done?

Do you begin something but don’t complete?

Are you good at achieving your goals?

Do you lack the motivation to see things through?

Four: Reflection – The Being Phase

The final stage and probably one of the most important is a person’s ability to simply ‘be’.

Being is a state of peace and tranquillity, no activity but a space to experience the effects of your actions.

This is the time to absorb the feelings and emotions that were created during all the previous three manifestation phases.

It is your ability to learn from your experience is based on how well you can ‘be’.

This phase allows for the sense of completion to be grounded into the reality of a person’s life.

To be able to ‘do’ effectively one must be able to ‘be’.

There must be balance between doing and being otherwise dissatisfaction will arise.

Taking time to reflect is one of the most important aspects of life, to enjoy the art of creativity that came from manifesting a change in your life.

Congratulations! You have made the effort to see something through and now it is time to ‘smell the roses’ and enjoy.

Physically, when a person is unable to enjoy the experience of ‘being’ it is often the energy in area of the chest and abdomen that is in need of activation and release.

Are you Stuck in Being?

Are you lacking in vitality?

Are you able to relax and just ‘be’?

Do you find it hard to switch off?

Do you meditate and take stock of your life?

Do you allow yourself a break from routine and pressures of life and other people?

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Checklist to Manifest Magically through the Four Phases of Energy Strategy

Phase One – The Idea

  • Set your intention use positive thoughts and check your thoughts are aligned with a true need not a want.
  • Sense how it will feel when you have manifested your true need.  See it, sense it completed and what your life will be like every day.
  • Create the structure (like creating a restaurant menu). Use whatever techniques to help – vision board, use affirmations, prayer, meditation, goal setting and get it down on paper.

Phase Two Get up and Go

  • Now the menu is ready it is time to move this idea into action, prepare the way for implementing your dream.
  • This is the time for physical preparation, it is like preparing all the ingredients ready to create a meal.

Phase Three – Doing

  • Now you have all the ingredients, get doing!  Involve yourself with feeling as you make this all happen.

Phase Four – Being

  • Now your idea is ready and up and running, it is time to sit back and ‘smell the roses’, enjoy the experience of magical manifesting.

What Happens When It’s Not Working

When you come up against problems, or your dream does seem to be happening, then this is when you need to look at yourself.  What is blocking your success?  In what phase are you stuck?

Seek help to clear your energetic blocks, whether that be problems in the physical, being stuck in the past or blocked emotionally. Clearing your energetic blocks will help you manifest your true needs.

When you work with me, I have in mind your ability to manifest things in your life that relate to your purpose and true needs.

By working on the body, moving the energy that is stuck, will enhance your ability to manifest successfully.

Together we explore your negative thoughts and emotions that also keep you feeling stuck and help you find better life strategies.

Words from Jane

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 24 years experience in polarity therapy and shamanic healing I enable a person back to health and happiness. Tailoring sessions to the needs of my client. Whether that be talking through your problem, activating energy within your body to release pain, tension, and emotions, using sound vibration to clear stagnant energy, journeying, and soul retrieval to delve deep and clear past patterns.

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