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Spiritual Root Cause of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Spiritual Root Cause of PCOS & The Hidden Layers

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone disorder that affects about 1 in every 10 women in the UK.  It is also known as Stein-Leventhal syndrome (Stein-Levanthal publicised a report back in 1935 to describe a ‘new disorder’), 

Wikipedia explains that Polycystic ovary syndrome is characterised by an elevation of male hormones (androgens) and infrequent or absent ovulation. 

It affects metabolism and confidence, which has an effect on how a person may feel in overall appearance and health. It is most common in women between 18 – 35 years of age. 

In my work as a therapist, I look for the energetic or in other words, spiritual cause of a problem.

The spiritual cause of polycystic ovary syndrome is rooted in being at odds with femininity in a patriarchal world. There is an identity issue with the function and personal situation in life.  There may have been an unconscious feeling of being insufficient as a female or a fear of being female.

I often find that the cause of PCOS can be found within the dynamic of the family at an early age.  Being placed in a parental role from early on in life, where you were depended upon to be mother and father.  The cause of this family dynamic can often be traced back through your ancestry too.

PCOS is focused on an overdeveloped sense of being personally responsible and accountable for the welfare of those around you.  It may feel like you have to run the whole show with inadequate personal resources.  These inadequate personal resources can be an array of feelings such as; a lack of confidence, the need for approval, believing you are not good enough and not feeling worthy.

These feelings all come about because when you felt responsible and accountable at an early age, it was when you were not mentally and emotionally developed enough to cope.

The main physical symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome are:

  • Irregular periods or no periods at all or occasional heavy painful periods.
  • Difficulty in getting pregnant
  • Excessive hair growth (usually on the face, back, chest and buttocks).
  • Weight gain.
  • Acne and/or oily skin.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Mood changes.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Thinning hair.
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

The Created Spiritual Pattern of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

In a literal sense the spiritual cause of PCOS means that you have not had a chance to be ‘born’ like you were an adult in a child’s body.  Particularly playing a masculine role as you may have been relied on to deal with very stressful emotional situations. You may have seen your mother become helpless in her life.  This may have been through her ill health or relationship issues.  This may have led her to become jealous towards you as a child as she was unable to cope with her own life.

You Had to Remain Strong to Be a Shoulder to Cry On

Possibly you had to deal with a mother’s jealousy towards you or another sibling. Your role in the family may have been confused.  You became the role of the mother and father when you stepped into certain roles.  

But beneath it all was a feeling of being a victim and an inner sense of being trapped.  When we feel trapped many of us want to escape.  Escaping this reality comes in many forms;  drugs, alcohol, overeating, bad relationships or literally running away from the family home. 

Trying to make sense of your emotions at an early age was difficult, so the deepest ‘you’ stayed hidden.  You were responsible so you hide your emotions.  You may have wanted to please your parents, in place of your wants and needs.

You Feel More Comfortable in The Masculine

Subsequently connecting deeply to your sexuality is a challenge as you feel more comfortable in the masculine role.  This is more noticeable in your behaviours and actions in life. 

Indeed the feminine identity has been distorted as you may have witnessed women being demeaned and belittled at an early age.  This further compounded your idea of the feminine as you felt safe hiding behind your masculine energy.  

Men were perceived to be more valued, so you chose to be more masculine.  All the time hiding your inner womanhood.  All this distortion meant you built a tough exterior for protection.  This tough exterior may well be that you were the most feminine of females, yet underneath you played a more masculine role.

Living hidden beneath false layers.  Life for you had to be hard and challenging, with a belief that if it is too easy you will fail. No wonder your body is producing more male hormone!  You were trying to survive in a patriarchal set-up, with little feminine mental and emotional role model to look up to.  

This may also have meant that you did not show your femininity, but you denied your feeling to it.

Key energetic emotional programmes are:

  • You often don’t feel beautiful and do not enjoy your natural beauty.
  • A difficulty living life from your deepest emotions.
  • Femininity is shown and projected but is denied from feeling and connecting to it. You feel blocked when trying to connect with your feminine side.
  • Emotions from the past are held onto, without anything being really worked on or something new being born.
  • Feelings are deeply hidden, that you are unable to connect with them and don’t realise you still have them.
  • There are accumulated emotions and thoughts (deeply buried in the pelvis).
  • As you eat, sleep or do your duty you may live your life on false perspectives.
  • You may find yourself living according to the judgement of the outer world.
  • Living deeply within yourself, sterile, quiet and submerged.

I help women like you clear the energetic emotional patterns, so your body has a chance to balance and heal itself.  Clearing the spiritual cause can help you in your life generally.

I personally suffered from PCOS and it was a debilitating time in my life. I managed my symptoms by changing my lifestyle and diet as well as getting regular holistic therapy sessions, in particular polarity therapy.

Clearing the energetic emotional patterns of PCOS can be done via online energy healing and /or if you are able to see me in person, holistic therapy treatments.  Clearing the energy of your pelvis and womb healing is hugely important for women whether or not you want to conceive.  I love to work with women who have fertility problems, menopause and period problems.  A minimum of 3 (or more depending on personal history) sessions are advised. 

Nourishing your body with the right foods plays a huge part in helping with this condition.  PCOS may lead to insulin resistance, so eating the right foods can significantly reduce symptoms.  I would recommend a naturopathic approach to help you with this.  Rhi Hepple is someone I trust and recommend, click here to find out more.

Words from Jane

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 24 years experience in polarity therapy and shamanic healing I enable a person back to health and happiness. Tailoring sessions to the needs of my client. Whether that be talking through your problem, activating energy within your body to release pain, tension, and emotions, using sound vibration to clear stagnant energy, journeying, and soul retrieval to delve deep and clear past patterns.

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