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How to Protect Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Energy

There are many people feeling out of sorts, perhaps discombobulated, anxious, and fearful about the future.  Others are feeling overwhelmed with excitement about the opportunities that lay ahead as ideas are flooding the senses but frustration kicks in as you don’t seem to have the energy or focus to implement these. There are others who have experienced a shift in the way that we live our lives are feeling conflicted as they want to live a completely different way but don’t know how that will happen.

Having worked in the field of energy medicine for many years, working with people to find balance between their bodies, mind, emotions, soul and spirit, it is no surprise that at this time finding a new centre of balance is even more important than before.

“In this article I hope to share how you can help yourself to navigate these strange times and to ensure that you are guarding your energy or in other words tuning up your energy”.  

It is a fact that our underlying energy is the thing that keeps us healthy and happy.  Energy is the thing that forms our physical reality, our thoughts and emotions and the stuff that most people are unaware of.  Intuition is a classic way in which you can sense energy in action, maybe you remember a time when the hairs on your arms suddenly go up, or the hair on the back of your neck, something unseen was happening, but you had an inner sense of knowing.  It was your energy reacting and causing this physical response. If you are in a deep state of meditation you may see energy, or sense a person’s emotional state. This is all energy reacting to external and internal experiences.

These experiences are unseen, yet totally part of our experience of being in this world.  Right now the more you can tune into your energy and notice the subtleties around you the more you can start to feel more balanced. 

Tuning into your energy body, your intuition is a multi-level approach and whilst it is essential to create that centre of stillness or point of balance inside of you it is equally important to look after your physical body, mental and emotional health as well as your spiritual connection, as by doing this and becoming more aware of your gut feelings your sense of knowing you will find true balance between what you are seeing and what you are feeling. It does not happen overnight and is a never-ending practice, but the rewards are greater health, better relationships, and a better life. 

Cultivate a life that suits your physical, mental and  emotional energy and strengthens your energy body

Take care of your physical body –Avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and sugar as these disrupt the integrity of the physical body but more importantly your energy body too.  Of course, if you are on prescription drugs and you are not able to come off them, then don’t despair as you can do many things to help yourself feel better as doing something is better than doing nothing.  Build your immunity internally through the medicine of food that will nourish you, such as switching from processed foods and ready meals to cooking or preparing natural plant-based foods from scratch and drink plenty of water. 

Exercise your body daily and this does not necessarily mean that you run a marathon or have to punish yourself to the extreme, on the contrary, bring your exercise routine into balance.  I run a movement, stretch and relax class, which is a combination of techniques and the one I run is more gentle but the principle is the same.  Challenge your physical body relative to you and raise your heartbeat, but combine this with strength, stretching, lengthening, toning, and relaxation and breath work.  Balance your exercise routine.    

Take care of yourself mentally– Meditation practise is excellent for learning to control an overactive mind.  There are so many different meditation techniques, it does not necessarily mean to force yourself to sit still and quietly, learning to meditate can be a gradual process to get you to that place.  Becoming mindful of how you are thinking will have a huge impact on how you are feeling. If you mostly think about the bad things, are critical, judgemental, and find yourself whinging and moaning all the time then you will lower your energy vibration and therefore lower your ability to get excited about the good things in life.  Not only that you will lower the immunity of your physical body. 

A good balance of positive as well as negative thoughts are okay.  It is thought for some people that you have to think positive at all costs, that is true to an extent, but you need to cultivate the ability to be able to reflect on the opposite in order to find your mental balance as sometimes we need to see the negative in order to see the truth. The trick is not to get stuck in one or the other aspects.  Having said that if you are in a very difficult life-threatening situation (negative), thinking positive can be life-saving.

Take care of your feelings – being able to express how you feel is such an important part of protecting yourself and your vital energy.  We express ourselves through our emotions. If you are not expressing your emotions for whatever reason you are suppressing your ability to express who you are.  When you are stuck in your emotions, it is very difficult to see clearly and the integrity of your energy, as well as your physical body and immunity, will suffer.  Learning how to express and manage your emotions is a key life skill.  Becoming aware that how you think will affect how you feel, and this will affect how you express yourself emotionally. 

Talking to a person that is able to listen to you is extremely important in helping you to find your balance.  A good cry can work wonders and I know for
some people they will ‘hold onto their emotions’ as if they ‘open the flood
gates’ it may seem too painful and are unsure they won’t stop once they start.  The opposite is often true, you can do more damage by holding in your emotions.  You may find it easier to let go of your tears on your own or in the presence of someone who will hold a safe space for you.

Take care of yourself spiritually – Spirituality
comes in many forms, it does not necessarily mean that you go and sit on a
mountain top for days to find that sense of connection or ‘enlightenment’ or
have to go through an extreme experience. 
You can find your spiritual connection in everyday life.  By being in love for example, or loving preparing food or being passionate about your work or enjoying nature.

However, there is another level, where conscious practice to connect to higher vibrations of energy, to connect into the source of your energy is extremely helpful through guided meditation practice and it is helpful and a good idea to find guidance, this may be in the form of a spiritual teacher, it may be in the form of nature but the most important thing is to trust your inner sense, your gut feeling, your intuition in finding that source.   If you are already enjoying this level of spiritual connection then ensuring all the other practices I have talked about above are also in play, to find balance is about developing and nourishing all levels of ourselves;  as above so below, so within so without.  What is affecting you outside will affect you inside, what is affecting you from above will affect you from below and vice versa. 

Finding balance is not about having the perfect body or just a brilliant mind, or just be a spiritual master, it is about a flow of all of these energies that create a true sense of connection, unity, and personal power.

I have created a short video on how to tune up your energy centres that are located within your body. Click here.

Words from Jane

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 24 years experience in polarity therapy and shamanic healing I enable a person back to health and happiness. Tailoring sessions to the needs of my client. Whether that be talking through your problem, activating energy within your body to release pain, tension, and emotions, using sound vibration to clear stagnant energy, journeying, and soul retrieval to delve deep and clear past patterns.

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