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Nature of the Soul

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Nature of the Soul and How it Can Thrive

Have you every wondered about your soul, what it is and how the soul fit into the whole scheme of our lives? Here I offer a perspective on the nature of the soul.  Ancient traditional views may differ, but I offer this concept for purposes of understanding the link between the soul, body, and mind.  Plus how a healthy connection to your soul matters for your health.

As we clear emotionally charged memories through treatment methods whish I use, such as Shamanic Healing, Polarity Therapy, and Online Energy Healing we are clearing the way for our soul to thrive. 

As we clear negative emotions from the body we are in fact not erasing memories but de-charging disturbed emotions to do with a particular memory that over time can become destructive to our health. 

There is a direct link between the energy of the soul, the mind (and when I talk about the mind in this instance I also mean the emotions) and the body. 

The Body is the Conduit through which our Thoughts and Emotions are Expressed

We are all well aware that we have a body, something tangible, something that we feel and sense. When our body is functioning well, we feel good.  

However, our hard-working bodies are not just functioning to keep us alive, they are constantly managing the effects of our thoughts. 

Thoughts are not tangible, they create emotions but essentially mind energy is etheric in nature. Our mind needs a body to experience the world.

The body is the conduit through which our thoughts are expressed through our senses and emotions.

The body is also the channel through which our soul thrives (or in many cases not).

The Body is the Conduit through which the Expression of our Soul is Experienced

 The nature of our soul is also experienced through our bodies.  The soul energy is also etheric in nature, meaning that it does not present itself in a material form like our bodies. 

The soul and our mind are similar in this respect.  They are energies that are not grounded in the physical plane unless a physical body is present.

Both aspects simply cannot survive without a body.  The body is the conduit through which the expression and experience of our soul and mind manifest.

This is why our body is impacted by our thoughts and also how well we feel connected to our soul.  

When we clog the energy of the body up with unhealthy thoughts, which create negative memories and emotions, or toxic substances we are limiting the experience of our soul.

The Clearer the Memories that are held in the Cells of the Body the more Space for our Soul to Thrive

The soul is a beautiful energy that holds the blueprint of essence of who we are. The soul is a fine quality of expansive energy, almost light vibrant, fiery spirit.

We are all souls, old and new, taking a walk on this planet earth. Some think that our souls reincarnate, to learn life lessons, to evolve, but no matter what you believe, the soul is part of who we are.

The Soul has a Shape of its Own

Like the body, the soul has a shape of its own.  It is similar to a ‘tear drop’ shape.

It starts  about a meter above the head, where there is a ball of light which acts like a gateway.  From this gateway, this beautiful lovely soul energy then drops down surrounding the body in a teardrop shape.

When I work with people online I get my clients to connect to this point above their head, to activate this essence consciously and connect to their soul.  This point is known as the seat of the soul, our higher self.  It is a gateway for the soul consciousness to flow into the realm of your physical reality and feel at home within the body.

Someone who has suffered trauma or illness may find that the connection to the seat of the soul, has been disconnected or significantly weakened.  

When you feel a sense that you are lost, or disconnected or contracted in some way, you feel like your guiding light has been extinguished it is likely that a part of your soul has broken away, or gone into hiding. 

This is partly to protect itself from further damage.  In this case, you may feel like you have no purpose in life or have lost sight of your purpose. 

The soul has a purpose, it’s a cliché  I know, but it is true. It does not have to be a grand purpose, we are not all cut out to be a president or a king or queen. 

Our purpose may simply be to live a happy, healthy life, filled with joy.   When you feel truly passionate about something and it does not seem like hard work, this may well be your soul purpose for example.

The Soul is a Feeling

When you are fully connected and aware of your soul body (and I call it a body for reference purposes) it feels lovely.  Indeed, soul energy is a feeling, it is expansive and feels like true love, not the relationship kind, that is different.  

You may remember a time being in the presence of a newborn baby or even a puppy, notice how you feel, do you feel the love and expansion within yourself.  This can be a reminder of how your soul feels.  This feeling is soul love.

Lost Soul

It is easy to lose connection with your soul when you have had many stresses or trauma in your life.  Feeling lost, may mean you have ‘lost your soul connection’.  In this case the ego mind gains strength and lead you on an ego trip – a ‘God complex’ for example or the mind can lead you into all kinds of dark places.

The true nature of your soul purpose is lost to an out of control ego, the mind can be manipulated into believing anything is true, when in fact it isn’t.  I see many clients who are struggling because they have got stuck in following leaders or gurus or even abusive relationships who have so much power and control over them.  It is like they have given away their soul to these people and feel powerless to  do anything about it.

So, as your body gets clogged up with negative emotions and memories, the soul feeling gets lost.  In both extremes, whether you are power crazy guru, the abuser or the abused, you have lost connection with your true soul essence.  

But, all is not lost, it is entirely possible to regain your soul connection to restore the balance of power between your mind, soul and body.

As you clear these deep routed emotions from the memories held in the cells of your body, you begin to allow space for your soul to be felt again. 

Clearing the negative emotions from bad memories, not just in this life but past lives and ancestral lives too will enable your soul to return home.

Gaining clarity of mind helps you to feel your soul body, meditation is just one way to do this as well as getting help to release these toxic feelings.

Retrieve the Lost Parts of Your Soul

A healthy balance between how well the body copes with full expression of your soul and its purpose as well as full expression of the mind through the emotions is what we all strive for, whether you are aware of this or not.   

Clearing emotions, cleaning your body, cultivating good thoughts, attitudes and behaviour will support your soul energy and allow it to prosper. You begin to realise your dreams and life becomes more joyous and loving. 

However, for some people, more help is required to retrieve parts of their soul that have gone into hiding following a traumatic event for example.   

Clearing, clearing, clearing emotional baggage is the best course of action to enable a safe haven for the parts of your soul to return. The soul needs to be looked after.  How you live your life is hugely important in terms of how well your soul can thrive and guide you towards feeling happy and healthy.

The healing techniques I offer such as polarity therapy, shamanic healing, and online energy healing all help your soul to thrive.

Words from Jane

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 24 years experience in polarity therapy and shamanic healing I enable a person back to health and happiness. Tailoring sessions to the needs of my client. Whether that be talking through your problem, activating energy within your body to release pain, tension, and emotions, using sound vibration to clear stagnant energy, journeying, and soul retrieval to delve deep and clear past patterns.

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