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Unveiling the Mystery of the Ether Element

The universe has been an ever-present mystery where throughout human history philosophers, scientists and mystics have pondered the nature of existence and the elements.  The subtle element of ether is an essential element, yet many

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Jane Deacon with Shamanic Drum

Shamanic Healing – From the Realm of the Impossible

True healing comes from the realm of the impossible meaning that to transform your health you need a different set of ‘rules ‘or ‘perspectives’. In other words, when a disease is dealt with in the same realm where the disease was created, how can you truly change from the same set of rules? Here I explain about how shamanic healing transcends normal rules and concepts of healing.

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Desperate Need for Love.

A Desperate Need to Feel Love?

Sadness and frustration may underlay the feelings of a need to be loved.  Feeling a need to be loved can be a lonely place when you are unable to attract or meet someone whom with you can share your life.

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