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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Ancestral Past is the Cause of Post Traumatic Stress

Your Ancestral Past can be the Cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ancestral past can be the cause of post traumatic stress disorder.  Post traumatic stress can create pain on all levels. 

But, why is it that some people who experience traumatic events go on to develop post traumatic stress disorder and others do not?  Post traumatic stress is a serious physiological, mental, emotional and energetic disturbance brought about by a shocking event. 

Post traumatic stress means that a person who has suffered shock has not completed a natural cycle of physiological changes that is required for the system to balance.  In other words energy is over charged or suspended in time. 

 Here, I describe why some people are destined to develop more debilitating symptoms than others.

The Cause of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The causes of trauma are relative.  Breaking a bone can evoke the same physiological response in the body as a person experiencing sexual assault or the effects of war. Post traumatic stress disorder can develop after a person has been exposed to a traumatic event and, even years after the event. 

Causes of PTSD include:

  • Major physical injury
  • Psychological trauma, such as being exposed to a severely distressing event.
  • Injury

During the trauma, your body will react and primal survival mechanisms will be galvanised into action.  Breathing will change and adrenaline will activate your senses.

The after effects of trauma is shock.  Shock is when the energy of your body,  mind, emotions is suspended in the time of the event. A sense of numbness/disconnection can occur. 

In the aftermath that follows the traumatic event, it may feel like time has stopped, mentally, emotionally and physically. Life seems different.

It may be extremely hard to move on with your life, and you may feel like you are alienated from what is ‘normal’.  A sense of withdrawal from all that you knew before may prevail.  This feeling of disconnection is generally linked to your soul energy. 

I am here to help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I assist you  in clearing trauma, ancestral trauma and stress.  Help you make sense of your mind and emotions, see your purpose, and aid you in bringing cheer back into your life.  Release stress and pain in your body, calm your mind and regain your health.  Bring back your spiritual connection.  More details on can be found here.

The Natural Cycle of Fight or Flight

The natural cycle of fight or flight, which is a natural response to trauma, can be demonstrated in the study of how animals respond to stressful events. 

Take the survival dance between a lion and antelope.  As a hunter the lion when it is not hunting for food will be relaxed and at ease.  However, when it is ready for its next meal, its physiological senses take over, it survival instincts are finely tuned to be ready to hunt. Adrenaline is enabled do that the lion can pounce into action, when the time is right.

As the hunted, the antelope will also be relaxed until its instincts alarm it to become alert, danger is near.  Fight or flight responses kick in. Both animals are experiencing similar responses but, with different outcomes. One wants to fight the other flee.

When the chase happens, the antelope has a choice;  it can freeze, play dead or keep running.  In any case the flooding of senses or in other words the energy build up is the same. 

To freeze is similar to becoming invisible, blending in with the surroundings and, like us holding our breath.  To play dead is to fool the hunter that there is no need to do any more as there will be no response.  If the antelope survives it will naturally discharge this extra energy and adrenaline by shaking uncontrollably to release any excess. 

To keep running is a test of cunning and agility, adrenaline and energy is in abundance. If not caught the antelope will shake until the energy has discharged.

We Respond like Animals

Our responses to fight or flight are exactly the same as animals.  With one big difference – our mind and emotions!

Far more complex than animals, our minds enable logic and reason, both of which prevail in our society.  Logic and rational thinking is our adversary as well as a blessing. 

In relation to post traumatic stress, our mind and emotions can play havoc.  As PTSD is a survival response, it is not governed by the mind or emotions.  Here in lies the problem.  Attempting to make logical sense of the feelings of survival and fear, where our primal instincts are the only thing that mattered at the time to survive is almost futile.   

But, we need our minds to help us get out of tricky situations.  Indeed our minds are essential in survival . When we have a healthy distinction between what is imagined fear and what is real our minds can be most beneficial, when dealing with stress.

But, for some of us, our minds and emotions can get in the way of the natural cycle of responding to completing the stress response cycle.  

When our minds are in total control during and after the event, thereby supressing our natural instincts for example to scream or shout can hinder the natural cycle of healing.

It is important to allow the natural release of emotional energy after the event.  Shaking and shivering are physical reactions to shock. Yet so often our minds shut down the release of emotions, eventually keeping us in the trauma of the past.

We need to discharge this emotional energy.

The Ancestral Connection

We are made of energy, that is the underlying essence of all life.  Energy then forms the matrix of our physical, mental, emotional and soul patterns.

Like we can inherit certain genetic diseases from our ancestors through our DNA.  We also inherit energy patterns from our ancestors too.  

Today I am talking about post traumatic stress disorder, but we can also be predisposed to inherit depression and anxiety for example.  Which may be triggered by repeated ancestral life events.

If your ancestors suffered major injury or emotionally stress, such as war. It is the legacy of those patterns of unresolved shock that are held in the cells of the body.  Therefore, unresolved shock in the cells of our bodies means that the underlying disturbed energy patterns are impacted too.  These energy patterns are carried through your ancestral lineage.  

It is a little more complex than this, but essentially you may be carrying the  pattern of trauma from your ancestors.

Which means a predisposition to attracting trauma into your life, may well be because your ancestors did not resolve their emotional trauma in their life.

What are the Symptoms of PTSD

So, what are the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder?

  • Disturbing thoughts, feelings or dreams related to the events.  
  • Mental and emotional distress. 
  • Heightened negative emotions, such as fear. 
  • Not able to distinguish real survival fear and imagined fear.
  • Dizziness and feeling numb, disconnected from feeling.
  • A need for isolation.  Feeling like you are being watched – paranoia.
  • Emotional outbursts, change in personality. 
  • Feeling depressed and a constant feeling of anxiety.
  • Feeling like you can’t breathe and feel trapped.
  • Anniversary regression resulting in physical symptoms of shock.  Like you are reliving the event.
  • Shivering and feeling cold.
  • Headaches, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), digestive issues.

Words from Jane

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 24 years experience in polarity therapy and shamanic healing I enable a person back to health and happiness. Tailoring sessions to the needs of my client. Whether that be talking through your problem, activating energy within your body to release pain, tension, and emotions, using sound vibration to clear stagnant energy, journeying, and soul retrieval to delve deep and clear past patterns.

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