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An Ancient Healing Tradition of Polynesia – Making a Wrong Right

Puuhonua o Honaunau – A Place of Refuge, Big Island, Hawaii Ho’o pono pono is a Healing Tradition of Polynesia

Ho’o pono pono is a healing method that makes two wrongs right.  In many Polynesian cultures, it is believed a person’s errors cause illness, relationship, and life problems. 

In the case of a family problem, for example, ho’o pono pono is used to work through the issue.  Through this healing tradition, the family would gather together and be encouraged to openly express feelings to release each other from negative sentiments. 

The intention behind this ritual is an act of holding space for reflection, repentance, forgiveness, and gratitude.  Often these family rituals called ho’o pono pono were held by the Kupuna (elder) and sometimes a Kahuna (shaman, priest).   Special words are exchanged, emotions are revealed and forgiveness flows both ways. But you don’t need to be in the same physical location for this to work.

As this traditional method has become more mainstream within our modern culture, variations have emerged. A particularly popular 4 step method made famous by a Hawaiian therapist Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len showed how powerful the concept is.

The Hawaiian word ho’o pono pono comes from ho’o (to put) and pono (right or correct). The repetition of the word pono means “doubly right” or being right with both self and others.

We are all responsible for our own reality, which means owning our feelings and experiences. Even if someone has wronged us, we can heal that wrong through this process.  It is immensely powerful!  

Making Right Times Two – As Within, So Without

Loving each other and loving yourself is the same thing.  So, when you are in conflict with another person you are in conflict with yourself (so within, so without).  To focus on healing past and present rifts with other people you are in fact helping yourself.  Understanding this concept means that healing your experiences in your life, will right any wrongs for others too.  Adjusting your thinking and releasing negative thoughts about another, will also amend problems in your physical life. 

 I am here to help you regain balance, harmony and flow in your life.  Through ho’o pono pono, I will help you clear the negative patterns and emotions that have built up in your mind, as well as help you bring balance to your relationships. 

Ho’o pono pono Goes Beyond The Level Of The Mind And Into The Past

We are a product of our ancestors, mixed with our own unique soul purpose. We can hold onto memory stores of emotions from our family lineage.  The clever thing is that ho’o pono pono can also help to release negative energy patterns that we have carried through from past ancestry too.  Healing the past and present and creating a positive future for your children.

When focussing on a repeating negative life pattern, you can use this technique to release deeper routed ancestral disturbances. 

How Does It Work?

It is a fact that everything and everyone is made of energy and we are connected to invisible (to most) energy fields.  We can compare this energy to electricity. You can’t see but we can feel it. Electricity is colourless and odourless, but it is real. Every living thing is connected by invisible energetic cords that connect all of life together, like electrical circuits. 

We create more potent energetic connections when we are in close contact with family, friends, and colleagues.  Often sharing physical, mental, and emotional space, so it stands to reason that problems occur with our nearest and dearest. 

When different characters and personalities come together harmonious relationships can occur, or all too often create discordant relationship connections. 

Ho’o pono pono is a powerful technique for clearing bad memories or feelings that hold the mind in a negative energy vibration. It works by clearing these invisible energy cords of disturbed energy between people and situations.

I am here to help you balance your energy that has become a problem in your life. If you are struggling to release a past hurt, or you are finding a person or situation in your life particularly challenging. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with a family situation.

I have a great reverence for the ancient traditions and hold a safe space for you to experience  ho‘o pono pono and clear your energy connections for better life and relationships.

Bring Back  Balance And Harmony To Your Life

Many people have found this technique hugely beneficial when dealing with relationship rifts.  Problems with family, partners, ex-partners, friends, or colleagues can be helped by clearing these dissonant energy connections. 

Bringing back balance and harmony to these invisible energetic connections means that you are no longer affected or triggered by the disturbed energy, that had created the problem in the first place.

Even if you think that you have removed yourself from negative influences in your life by physically moving far away, you are still affected by this invisible energy.  So, why not clear the energy once and for all!

You don’t need to be in the same physical space as it works by bringing harmony and balance to these invisible energy cords. You can affect a positive outcome if you are on the other side of the world from the person or situation you have a problem with.

Words from Jane

Through my own personal life experiences, I know what it is like to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fragmented. Using my experience of 24 years experience in polarity therapy and shamanic healing I enable a person back to health and happiness. Tailoring sessions to the needs of my client. Whether that be talking through your problem, activating energy within your body to release pain, tension, and emotions, using sound vibration to clear stagnant energy, journeying, and soul retrieval to delve deep and clear past patterns.

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