Holistic & spiritual therapies online and in hampshire

Welcome to Hina Light​

Jane Deacon from Hina Light therapies integrates modern and traditional holistic techniques to transform physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health for greater personal power and wellbeing.

The Way to Transform Your Life

Hina Light provides a unique holistic service, combining physical hands-on therapy, talking therapy and spiritual healing.

Jane offers 1 : 1 holistic therapy sessions, spiritual healing therapy, polarity therapy training, personal healing intensives and transformational workshops.

Inspired therapy, guidance, and support for those seeking help to:

Holistic Therapy helps with a whole range of conditions such as:

Meet Jane

People seek Jane out when they are feeling stuck in life or feel lost within themselves, emotionally stressed, suffering from acute or chronic pain in their body or anxious and worried about the future and confused in their minds.

The underlaying principle of Janes work is to help you gain a sense of freedom, inspiration, connection within yourself, confidence and clear direction, to help you realise your own unique talents and soul path by helping you find your balance. 

She combines hands on body treatments to release pain, support through illness, mind and emotional health and spiritual guidance. 

For those seeking a more spiritual approach Jane channels healing energy through shamanic techniques including; cord cutting, regression, rune readings, higher perception readings, sound healing and soul retrieval.

Jane believes that when you are grounded in your body, clear in your mind, are able to express who you truly are, and feel free in your heart anything is possible and a true sense of yourself can emerge.